Errno -9999 Unanticipated host error

There are a few solutions if you are getting this problem.

Make sure your antivirus allows microphone access.

Check for disabled devices: Sometimes sound devices can be disabled accidentally or due to a problem in Windows. Checking for disabled sound devices and enabling any that may be found could help resolve the problem in Dictater.

1-) Close the Dictater.

2-) Access the Control Panel.

3-) Open the Sound option.

4-) Click on the Recording tab.

5-) Right-click anywhere in the box where the devices are listed and select the Show Disabled Devices option, so that there is a check mark next to it.

6-) This displays any device that has been disabled on the computer. If no new devices are found, it’s likely there is something wrong with the sound card or sound card drivers. We’d suggest reinstalling your sound card drivers or downloading and installing the latest drivers for your sound card.

7-) If a new device is displayed, right-click on the new device(s) and select Properties.

8-) In the ‘Device usage’ drop-down menu, select the Use this device (enable) option.

9-) Click OK until all other windows are closed.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update resulting microphone problems: For some users Windows 10 is now blocking Dictater from using the microphone, on the basis of privacy settings. In order to get around this issue, Microsoft recommends that you need to enable the microphone in your Privacy settings using these steps:

1-) Open Settings

2-) Click on Privacy

3-) Click on Microphone

4-) Turn on the Allow apps to access your microphone toggle switch.

Note: Some antivirus softwares (e.g. Kaspersky) prevents Dictater from We therefore recommend that you add an exception to your antivirus. working properly.