Dictater Speech Recognition

Powerful Speech Recognition for everyone. Dictater supporting the most commonly used operating systems (Windows, Linux) and 137 languages.

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What is Dictater?

Dictater is a simple, multi-platform, speech recognition software. You can use it with almost any software. This includes all web browsers, office software and chat programs. (e.g. WhatsApp Web, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome...). Also you can use it for free for 20 minutes without any restrictions

Easy to install and use

Installation and use is user friendly. Only one widget will undertake the entire recognition task. it will be automatically recognize your voice and write where you want.

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Try Dicatater free for 20 minutes now. If you like the dictater. You can purchase a lifetime license. Download Now!.

Customer Support

Feel free to ask if you have a problem. We'll always help. If you want a feature that we will try to add.